Making Memories of Us.

“We don’t have any family in Perth, but my kids now have so many surrogate grandparents, aunties and uncles. They will never know how much their support has meant to me”

Growing up as a part of a church community, where they are seen, known and valued, is something we want your kids to look back on with gratitude.

Our kids and youth programs are designed to shape, encourage, teach and grow your child in the things of faith, friendship and fun.


Youth And Young Adults

We cater for youth from Grade 7, all the way to 24 years old. We are always open to new people. 

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Friday Night Youth Groups. 
7:15pm – 9pm
79’s (for students in grades 7-9) 
012’s (for students in grades 10-12). 

For more information please email

Young Adults

Our Young Adults ministry is open to 18-26 year olds. We desire to help young people find their identity in Christ by providing events, community and a place to belong. 

Contact for more information. 

Life Groups

We encourage people to be involved with others, and to build relationships where they can both care and be cared for. 

We have an extensive network of small groups that allow people to get to know each other in a safe and comfortable environment. They are a place to build deep and sustaining relationships. 

We also encourage people to discover their God-given gifts and passions, and to get involved in the life of the church through activities that give us the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others. By giving ourselves to something bigger than us, we find fulfilment and meaning for our lives. 

If you are a regular attender at Warnbro and feel like it is time to get to know more of the church family through joining a Life Group, please feel free to reach out with a brief message about how we can help you find a group that suits your needs. One of our pastoral care team will contact you to help you find a place to begin in your journey with us.

Midweek at various locations, email

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