Life Groups at Warnbro

At Warnbro Church, we encourage people to be involved with others, and to build relationships where they can both care and be cared for. We have an extensive network of small groups that allow people to get to know each other in a safe and comfortable environment, a place to build deep and sustaining relationships. We also encourage people to discover their God-given gifts and passions, and to get involved in the life of the church through activities that give us the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others. By giving ourselves to something bigger than us, we find fulfillment and meaning for our lives.

If you are a regular attender at Warnbro and feel like it is time to get to know more of the church family through joining a Life Group, please feel free to fill out the following contact form and send off your details and a brief message about how we can help you find a group that suits your needs.

One of our pastoral care team will contact you to help you find a place to begin in your journey with us. Thanks.


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